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16 Aug 2019

5 Creative Drink Package You Must Try

There are plenty of people trying to produce a new type of beverage that will appeal to the mass market. Some choose to invent a new type of drinks, while some try to market existing drinks in creative ways; others rely on innovative packaging to create a buzz in the market to entice consumers to buy the products. What are some of your beverage inventions? How creative are you in creating a new innovative product? Never stop creating, as only through innovations will your products earn their reputation in your market. 

A public figure once said: ”There is no product that is unsellable, there are only errors in the process. The marketing process and also the packing process.”

In this article, we are showcasing several innovative packaging that you can utilize for your products. Are you ready to create a new exciting product? 

1. Energy Drinks Packaging


Oil-canister like bottles like the above packaging are suitable for energy drinks products. If you have a similar product, unique beverage packaging like the above bottles are a good way to garner the consumers’ interest and to increase sales. You can also use the above bottles as inspiration for your other products, such as juice drinks that are packaged in a watering can. 

2. Drink Packaging for Fruit Drinks

You can get some inspiration for the packaging of your fruit drinks fro the above picture. The above banana fruit juice is actually contained within a regular bottle, but the bottle itself is wrapped in a paper packaging that can peeled off just like a banana. 

Not only fruit juices, you can also utilize this type of packaging for fruit extracts. For example, for apple extract drinks, you can design an apple-shaped bottle with a straw as its stem to make it easier for your consumers to consumer your beverage. 

3. Modern Beverage Packaging

The next bottle takes inspiration from a modern design. With a sleek, contemporary design, this bottle is suitable for isotonic drinks for sports. There are various isotonic drinks available in the market that is being marketed along with fitness instructional videos. 

Everyone can try to create a unique design using their imagination. Isotonic drinks mixed with fruit juices will be a natural and refreshing drink that is perfect for a modern, sleek bottle. The contemporary design can also be applied to other types of drinks other than isotonic drinks. 

4. Unique Packaging Design


The above beverage packaging is very unique. By just looking at the packaging, consumers will know what the product tastes like. 

You can create other fruit shapes such as Dragon Fruit, Mangoes, or even Watermelon to create a unique packaging that will make a lasting impression on the consumers. You can also add features such as straws or easy-pour spout to make it easier to pour the content of the bottle. Use a distinctive looking fruit for your packaging, but be careful of using small fruits such as grapes for the model for your packaging as the size of your bottle will be too small.

5. Beverage Drinks in the shape of Household Goods

Did you get any inspiration from the futuristic looking design above? Other than light bulbs, you can also use other shapes to be the model of your beverage packaging. Things such as Remote Control, Torchlight, etc. Use your imagination to create a unique and creative packaging for your product. Draw inspirations from the things around you, so you can create a memorable product that will be the talk of your consumers.